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Describe-It-Yourself with this great free list.

There are various ways to scroll and surf around the internet. You could use a touchpad, a trackpad, a trackball, or a tablet instead of the common scroll wheel on a mouse, but the truly important thing is WHERE you scroll. So instead of wasting precious time going from one website to another trying to find answers to a few questions, why not scroll though our list of over a thousand mostly one-word questions that you can quickly ask and answer by yourself?

The small portion of our Describe-It-Yourself master list below shows 12 terms in the "G-H" range. If you were describing PSALM 51, you would, of course, say that it is "about guilt" (51:1-4, 14). You could also say that this great psalm is "about happiness" since forgiveness brings joy (51:8, 12). You could also use the "having..." card and its blank line to say that it is "about having a clean heart" (51:10).

Moreover, If you scrolled through the entire DIY list you would find dozens of other appropriate terms, including many that you would not have thought of otherwise. For instance, you would be reminded that Psalm 51 is "specific" since David spoke of being guilty of murder (15:14).

Many terms on the master list can be skipped over quickly, but others will catch the users eye. For instance, was Psalm 51 healthy? Yes, it was because David's repentance and restoration was like the healing of broken bones (51:8). So it might be good to stop and think about this for a while. Yet, it probably would be better to jot down "healthy" on a note pad and come back to this thought and others after going through the entire list.

Our Describe-It-Yourself master list has about 1,400 items. So, of course, it takes time to scroll though so much material. Yet, the average user can still scroll through the entire list and ask and answer ~1,400 questions about who or what is being described in less than an hour. That is somewhat like traveling over 1,400 miles per hour!

for the Describe-It-Yourself master list.

There are many studies on this website which use the descriptive method. Chief among these are studies in / on Mark, Luke, Romans, Solomon, and Youth Questions. To easily connect with these various pages go to the Descriptive Studies Home page by clicking the link below.


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